How & Where to Invest £75,000

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When investing a large sum like £75,000, it’s crucial to have a plan tailored to your financial situation and goals. This article provides key guidance including:

  • Identifying your investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance to pick suitable assets
  • Using diversification across equities, bonds and cash to balance risk versus return
  • Utilising tax-advantaged accounts like ISAs and pensions to maximise returns
  • Keeping an emergency fund before investing, to withstand market volatility
  • Paying down expensive debt first, so your capital can grow unencumbered

Follow these tips when planning your £75k investment strategy. Assess your individual needs, implement diversification, and use tax-efficient accounts wisely. A personalised approach can help grow your wealth through prudent investing. Now let’s explore in more detail how to invest £75k properly.


Investment Goal


The first step is to identify your investment goal. Are you looking to generate income, grow your capital over the long-term, or preserve your capital? Your goal will help determine the best investment strategy for your £75,000.


Pick an Investment Strategy


Based on your goal, you can pick an investment strategy. Growth-oriented investors may want stocks or stock funds. Income-focused investors may prefer bonds, dividends stocks, peer-to-peer lending or real estate. Capital preservation calls for lower-risk fixed income or cash. Diversification across asset classes can balance risk and return.


Consider Access to Your Funds


Think about when you may need to access some or all of the £75,000. Will it be in the short-term or years from now? Shorter time horizons suit lower-risk investments like cash, bonds and low-volatility stocks. Longer time horizons allow more growth-oriented investments like stocks.


What’s Your Risk Appetite?


How much risk are you comfortable with to achieve your investment goals? Conservative investors prefer to minimise risk with cash, bonds and dividend stocks. Moderate risk takers add some equities. Aggressive investors maximise stock exposure for growth potential.


Investment Vehicle


The investment wrapper or account for your £75,000 can impact taxes, fees, contribution limits and withdrawals. Common options include ISAs, pensions, investment bonds, and general investment accounts. Consider any tradeoffs for your situation.


Consult a Professional

While researching investments for your £75,000, it’s wise to consult a qualified financial advisor. They can review your full financial picture and risk tolerance to propose suitable investments for your needs and goals.


Diversify Your Investments

Diversification spreads money across various investments to balance risk and return. Equities, bonds, and cash are common building blocks. As asset classes perform differently, diversification aims to minimise risk and maximise returns.


Consider Your Time Horizon

Your investment time horizon influences suitable assets. Short-term goals warrant stable, liquid assets like money markets and short-term bonds. Long-term goals allow higher-risk, higher-return investments like equities.


Use Tax-Advantaged Accounts

Tax-efficient accounts like ISAs and pensions can help your £75k go further. ISAs offer tax-free growth. Pensions give tax relief on contributions. Use allowances fully.


Have an Emergency Fund

Before investing, have 3-6 months’ expenses set aside. This gives stability during market swings and unexpected costs. It provides reassurance when investing for the long term.


Pay Down Debt

Expensive debt reduces disposable income. Consider paying off credit cards and loans before investing, allowing your £75k to grow.


Alternative Investment Company

New Capital Link are an alternative investment firm with offices across the UK and Europe. They specialise in tailored investment solutions including buy-to-let property, venture capital, structured products, private equity, and more. Their team of experts help clients diversify their portfolios beyond traditional securities.


Customised Approach


New Capital Link take a consultative approach to understand each client’s financial situation, goals and risk appetite. This enables them to create customised portfolios with alternative investments suited to the client’s needs. They offer complete transparency on products, risks and performance.


Get Started Today

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by Rachel Buscall

by Rachel Buscall

Co-Founder & Managing Director at New Capital Link. Having started her career in the financial sector, Rachel demonstrated a natural flair for entrepreneurship.

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