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Property Bonds are an alternative to traditional property investment, that allow you to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk.

Property Bond Investment

Property bonds are popular among investors who traditionally invest in physical property. These investors are looking to diversify or simplify their income while still protecting their capital from volatility in the assets market.

Before the property bonds are issued, the assets are used as collateral and investor security is obtained via a legal debenture enforced by a regulated trustee.

The funds are used to develop sites that have been already acquired and have achieved planning permission. These bonds focus on specific sites, allowing investors to easily understand the opportunity and how their position will exit.

Main Reasons to Invest:

CEO Rachel Buscall at one of our many partners development sites

Exploring High-Yield Property Investment Opportunities with Ashbrookes

Discover the potential of property investment with Ashbrookes, a key partner of New Capital Link. Watch our insightful interview with Arif Mushtaq, Managing Director of Ashbrookes, as he shares the journey and success of their property development ventures in Middlesbrough.

New Capital Link Partner Ashbrookes Inspired

Investment Particulars

Multi award-winning

Our property bond providers are award winning developers.

Passive income

New Capital Link provides a passive income investment that will make the life of an investor easier in several ways, especially when a hands-off approach is chosen.

Investment Entry Level £10,000 GBP

We have a proven track record of above average returns for our clients.

Flexible Terms 1-3 years

We build long-term relationships with customers and help them find the best possible financial solution.

Income & Growth Available

We are dedicated to assisting people with achieving their financial goals and dreams.

Asset-backed Security

New Capital Link gives you access to high-quality asset-backed security opportunities.

Legal Debenture

Security on your capital is everything.

Regulated Trustee

New Capital Link’s mission is to protect your investments and help you grow your wealth.

No Hidden Fees

New Capital Link believes in a secure and transparent way to invest your capital globally.

An investment with our product providers are created with security and transparency in mind, offering you the confidence you need when making an investment.

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What Our Clients Say

Great experience, Thank you James Extremely happy with the experience and even more so with my first exit, took a pun with NCL and it definitely paid off. A massive thank you, to James, for all the time and efforts you put in and even more so with the fact that I was somewhat dubious at first to say the least! But was very understanding, walking me through the whole process from start to finish provided all the information required to allow me to do my due diligence. Great company, very friendly and knowledgeable, would highly recommend. Look forward to working with you again in the future.
David Clotworthy
31 Mar 2023
Recently enjoyed My 2nd exit from 79th Group, very happy with both the returns and exemplary customer service I received , special thanks to georgina and Alex who couldn't do enough to ensure my needs were met
Angela Ward
16 Dec 2023
It’s been a very long year as someone that’s a nervous investor and also takes time to research the product introduced to me the only reason for the 4 star was I got paid a few days late however I must say after my first year with this company they have delivered. Thank you Georgina and I look forward to a very fruitful relationship going forward. All the best John
John Tolmie
13 Jan 2024
Highly recommend New Capital Link. As a follow up to my on-boarding review, I am delighted to report, one year on, that James Harper, Director of Business Development, has delivered on successful exits on both my Acorn Bond and on a Loan Note with 79th Group which gave me a high monthly return on a large sum invested. James continues to provide guidance and support on upcoming projects and is always thinking of clients' financial security first and foremost. Andrea Green
Andrea Green
18 Nov 2022
Very nice to see how Northumberland west chev has come along as someone that was in on every phase and it’s incredible to see the final finish of the development. Also incredibly rewarding and full credit to luke smith for the intro. I’m now with ashbrooks inspired and look forward to seeing how this development comes along. Thank you Alex santos and l look forward to future opportunity.
Adam Rayner
13 Jan 2024
Both James Harper and Geraldine Rigby have been excellent at communicating the opportunities that NCL has to generate wealth. They are well briefed and always available to talk and advise. In my experience, NCL is a safer place for one’s investments than the stock market.
Richard Williams
10 Dec 2023
I felt reassured with my investments. I first spoke to Georgina from New Capital Link back end of 2021, the timing for not right me for to do any investments and I asked her to contact me in 2022. There was no pressure or hard sell. I spoke with Georgina and James again in 2022 and and made an investment with two companies, with one maturing early this year. Both Georgina and James have guided me in the investments, kept in touch with updates on all my investments and been on hand to answer any questions. I’m looking forward to investing more with them.
Neelma Shah
11 October 2023


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