ISA Eligible Investments

This is a new investment opportunity that enables you to access the capital growth of the property market.

ISA Eligible Investments

We are proud to announce the new Green & Ethical ISA Eligible Bond from our innovative UK-based partners. A truly ground-breaking product that has been long-awaited by active investors looking to maximise their savings.

The ISA Eligible investment is available at a rate of 10% per annum. The Product Provider is seeking to raise £3,000,000 through Bonds issuance to expand its product development activities. The company harnesses waste heat created by an industrial process and repurposes it into electricity, providing electricity to use on-site or divert into a local grid.

Their patented technology converts more of the available usable energy to electricity than any other heat recovery-to-electricity generating system leading to a greater amount of MW power generated at substantially shorter payback times.

ISA Eligible Investments

Investment Particulars
Multi award-winning
Our property bond providers are award winning developers.
We offer unrivalled
We offer competitive fixed returns
Investment Entry Level £10,000 GBP
We have a proven track record of above average returns for our clients
Flexible Terms 1-3 years
We build long-term relationships with customers and help them find the best possible financial solution.
Income & Growth Available
We are dedicated to assisting people with achieving their financial goals and dreams
Asset-backed Security
New Capital Link gives you access to high-quality asset-backed security opportunities.
Legal Debenture
Security on your capital is everything
Regulated Trustee
New Capital Link's mission is to protect your investments and help you grow your wealth.
No Hidden Fees
New Capital Link believes in a secure and transparent way to invest your capital globally.
An investment with our product providers are created with security and transparency in mind, offering you the confidence you need when making an investment.
Rachel BuscallCEO of New Capital Link
Gold Bond
Gold investments are an ideal way to hedge against downside risk in times of market volatility
Property Bond
We Believe In Offering Our Clients Opportunities For Wealth Creation Through Our Range Of Superior Products And Services.
EIS Opportunity's
At NCL, We Offer A Wide Array Of Investments That Can Help You Grow Your Wealth Over Time.
Green & Ethical
Green & Ethical Have A Vision To Make The World Better By Helping Improve Investment Opportunities
Private Equity (IPOs)
It is One Of The Most lucrative Investment Strategies And Allows Investors To Reap Huge Profits.

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