Gold Bonds UK

Gold Bonds are an ideal way to hedge against downside risk in times of market volatility.

Gold Bond Investment

Options for commodity bonds are plentiful, however positions rarely exist which come so well-protected, founded on the simplicity of supply and demand, whilst offering solid ring-fencing of capital.

Gold Bond is a commodity bond that offers capital security as well as market exposure to the performance of gold. The product helps investors hedge their risk while also gaining access to gold’s volatile price movements.

Main Reasons to Invest:

-Hedge Against Inflation: Gold has historically maintained its value over the long term, and it’s often seen as a hedge against inflation & currency devaluation.

-Safe Haven: Gold is considered a safe haven asset that can potentially hold its value or even appreciate when other investments decline.

-Earn Interest: Unlike physical gold, gold bonds pay interest, providing a small income stream in addition to the potential appreciation of the gold price.

-Government Backing: In some cases, such as with Sovereign Gold Bonds, the government backs the bonds, adding an additional layer of security.

Gold Bond

Investment Particulars
We offer unrivalled Returns
We offer competitive fixed returns
Investment Entry Level £10,000 GBP
We have a proven track record of above average returns for our clients
Licensed, Regulated & Underwritten by Dubai Government
This product provides investors with the opportunity to invest in a diverse range of investment options via a single platform.
1-3 year hold
Gold investment is a traditional form of investment and has always been considered as one of the lowest-risk investment options in the world today.
Safe Jurisdiction
This is a financial instrument that is linked to the value of gold, and proves to be the go-to investment in market volatility.
Asset backed with physical gold
Physical gold holds its value outside of the stock market and is more manageable in large quantities. physical gold investment is often produced as bullion bars or minted coins and rounds.
An investment with New Capital Link is created with security and transparency in mind, offering you the confidence you need when making an investment.
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Private Equity (IPOs)
It is One Of The Most lucrative Investment Strategies And Allows Investors To Reap Huge Profits.

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