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New Capital Link acts as a professional introducer. Connecting international sophisticated and HNW investors with private 3rd party investment opportunities worldwide.

Current Investment Opportunities

We introduce exclusive investment opportunities, offering healthy returns, carefully balanced with capital security.

Buy to Let Investments

At NCL we are proud to be associated with some of the most beautiful and prestigious developments in the UK.

Gold Bonds

Gold investments are an ideal way to hedge against downside risk in times of market volatility

ISA Eligible Products

In Order to Make Your Investment More Reliable, New Capital Link Follows A Simple Methodology.

Property Bond

We Believe In Offering Our Clients Opportunities For Wealth Creation Through Our Range Of Superior Products And Services.

Green & Ethical

Green & Ethical Projects Have A Vision To Make The World Better By Helping Improve Investment Opportunities

Private Equity (IPOs)

It is One Of The Most lucrative Investment Strategies And Allows Investors To Reap Huge Profits.

Better Ideas, Better Investments, More Profits

We work with you to source high-Growth investment opportunities that are aligned with your strategic plan

About New Capital Link

NCL was conceived having identified a need for professional investment solutions, specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of High-Net-Worth investors.

We have established an extensive base of clients and investment providers, recognising a gap in the market for professional advocates to introduce HNW individuals seeking investment opportunities to high calibre companies.

It is self-evident that the ‘one size fits all’ approach is unsuitable for the average investor, for that reason, our initial focus is on identifying individuals’ unique requirements.

It may be a focus on ESG, specific sectors, or regions, but whatever the criteria, NCL will deliver the appropriate options for consideration, thereby ensuring that the product fits the client, not the client fits the product.

Expect More Than You Ever Imagined From Your First Investment

We are a team of Dedicated Professionals, Committed to Providing In-Depth Analysis of Client Requirements. Our team considers Possible Solutions from the Current Suite of Opportunities and Implements the Most Viable Solution that Meets Your Requirements.

Property Bond
Gold Bond
ISA Eligible Property Bond
New Build and Off-Plan Units
Green & Ethical Investments
Private Equity (IPOs)

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    Better Ideas, Better Investments, More Profits