Recent Visit to The West Chevington farm: Progress and Future Plans

New Capital Link, was delighted to visit our exclusive investment opportunity West Chevington Farm in Northumberland. It was exciting and energising for the NCL Team to see such fantastic progress. In July 2022, The West Chevington Farm welcomed its first residents into their new homes and we were fortunate to speak with them directly and hear about their positive experience since settling in.

The Farm is now looking forward to Phase 2 of the development


West Chevington farm: A Brief Introduction

These are meticulously crafted, sustainably built luxurious converted barns and outbuildings, situated at a National Heritage listed Georgian-era Farm in Northumberland.

Designed with care and expertise, the development has 21 beautiful properties comprising 9 barn conversions and 12 newly built homes.



Strategic Plan

The West Chevington farm Project was perceived as a profitable investment due to the high demand for extravagant and exclusive homes in a country area. The Project aims to generate £4m for Phase 1 and a GDV of £3.0m for Phase 2. Margin £2.0m (29%), exclusive of banking or finance charges. On completion, there will also be approved re-financing of properties to repay investors.


End Goals

The ultimate goal is to cater to these wonderful farms to people who are willing to invest in these properties for better living standards. There will also be approved re-financing of properties to repay investors.


Who is Northumberland Living?

Northumberland Living is a development company that provides beautiful residential properties in stunning locations. Incorporated in 2016 with an intent to raise the expected standard of luxury living homes. Run by world-class architects, top interior designers, brilliant planners, and environmentalists. This company integrates the artistic traditions of an architect with modern amenities for a completely luxurious experience.

by Rachel Buscall

by Rachel Buscall

Co-Founder & Managing Director at New Capital Link. Having started her career in the financial sector, Rachel demonstrated a natural flair for entrepreneurship.

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