Rachel Buscall


Having started her career in the financial sector, Rachel demonstrated a natural flair for entrepreneurship, utilising a passion for baking, she formed her own company, which she sold for a substantial return within 5 years.

Rachel went on to raise millions of pounds for some of the biggest property development companies in the UK, that has since gone on to build award-winning developments up and down the country.

Rachel recognised the opportunity for escalating her global connections and career in Dubai, where she was to become Business Development Manager for the Bank of Bullion and Bank FX. Over a period of 4 years, she helped to establish the company as one of the leading gold providers in the UAE.  Their FX Division is now one of the most popular trading platforms in Dubai.

In 2019 Rachel ventured to India after helping to raise funds for Oli Academy in Vellore. The Oli Academy is a school that provides medical-based diplomas to some of the country’s most disadvantaged young people giving them an opportunity to work in the local hospitals. After helping to build a school, visiting and assisting at orphanages, delivering medical supplies to remote villages, and travelling to medical camps, she returned to the UK, motivated to continue her good work as a patron of the Academy and determined to make a difference in her own community.

NCL was then formed following the huge success of the Bank of Bullion, recognising the need to provide HNW global clients with a range of premium investments, sourced with a dedication to quality investor security, respectable RoR and high ethical criteria

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