New Capital Link Proudly Partners With Clinq Gold

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Alternative investment firm New Capital Link announced an exciting new partnership with Clinq Gold, an innovative gold-backed payments platform aimed at enhancing trade and financial inclusion across Africa.

Clinq Gold’s gold-backed digital currency provides a stable payment method protected from inflation. Its integration with prevalent mobile money systems ensures accessibility while allowing African nations to retain control over their gold reserves.

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Groundbreaking African Payments Network

The partnership provides New Capital Link clients access to participate in building a groundbreaking pan-African payments network. Clinq Gold operates a permissioned blockchain enabling frictionless cross-border transactions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Clinq Gold on this transformative initiative,” said Rachel Buscall, Managing Director at New Capital Link. “Their vision aligns perfectly with our focus on investments that create economic opportunities while generating returns.”

New Capital Link will play an active role in creating awareness of Clinq Gold’s unique value proposition among prospective African country partners. “Many nations stand to benefit greatly from adopting this gold-backed payment platform, and we look forward to connecting Clinq Gold with key decision makers,” Buscall said.

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Enhancing African Prosperity

New Capital Link believes Clinq Gold possesses major potential to enhance prosperity across Africa. “By facilitating trade and financial inclusion, Clinq can significantly expand economic possibilities for millions across the continent,” said Buscall.

New Capital Link praises Clinq Gold’s social impact orientation. “We evaluate investments based on both financial return and positive real-world impact,” Buscall explained. “Clinq Gold perfectly embodies that approach.”

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Partnering with Proven Leaders

New Capital Link conducted extensive due diligence on Clinq Gold and its leadership team prior to formalising the partnership.

“We were highly impressed by Clinq’s founders and advisors,” said Buscall. “They combine deep financial expertise with a nuanced understanding of Africa’s needs and goals.”

In particular, New Capital Link highlighted Clinq CEO Nick Patel’s over 20 years of experience in global financial markets. The diverse expertise of Clinq’s board members and technical leadership was also cited as a key strength.

“Partnering with the right people is critical to success in emerging markets,” Buscall concluded. “The outstanding team at Clinq gives us full confidence in their ability to execute on this bold vision.”

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With its finger on the pulse of ever-evolving markets, New Capital Link has built a diverse portfolio of niche alternative assets. The firm’s investments expand possibilities for clients while driving innovation and economic growth.

New Capital Link’s commitment to both strong returns and positive social impact epitomizes the ethos of the new generation of alternative investment firms. The company takes pride in its role as a conduit to the next wave of alternative investments reshaping finance.

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Rachel Buscall

Co-Founder & Managing Director at New Capital Link.

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