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New Capital Link is Proud to announce that they are the Winners Of The Alternative Investment Firm of the Year at the Corporate LiveWire Awards 2022/23

New Capital Link is a London-based firm that provides asset-backed investment opportunities worldwide. They also invest in other companies as an investor. NCL operates in UHNW/HNW worldwide. Their dedicated team’s work has decades of combined experience in various industries and is expanding continuously by establishing a widespread network of clients from many different industrial sectors across the world.
They also provide services for recognizing the gaps in the market for the legal professionals, who are advocates, finding out and locating people, and introducing them to products that deliver the returns investors are seeking. The current financial circumstances have put traditional investors under immense pressure to make their money work.

About Corporate LiveWire

Corporate LiveWire is a platform that offers information. On the latest news and developments of the corporate world from across the globe. Especially business news, for entrepreneurs, and business professionals who are operating within the corporate sector. Their contents are available in both print and digital publications. They update the world with corporate knowledge by publishing updated information online every day. They put emphasis on topics like transactions in the corporate world. News from international marketplaces, mergers and acquisitions, and business strategies. And news about technological advancement throughout the world.

What are Corporate LiveWire Global Awards?

Corporate LiveWire Global Awards are given to successful professionals and companies. Celebrating their success and introducing them to larger exposure with recognition at a multinational level in the corporate and business sectors. And They help entities and individuals within the international business market to understand and recognize a wide variety of businesses. Corporate LiveWire reviews every entry individually with an emphasis on analyzing. How the individuals and the teams have executed techniques effectively by implying creative and innovative approaches. Which are unique and proven to produce effective results.

What NCL Does To Benefit Others

NCL’s main goal is to offer effective, unique, and exclusive packages. From this, the investors get a very healthy return on investment. They also make sure that the process is very cautiously in the balance alongside the solid security of capital. Thus, NCL is hugely respected when it comes to investment opportunities. NCL has also invested in many companies and helped them to grow their business exponentially. The expertise NCL has within financial management along with their widespread network. And allows Investors to benefit from the massive potential for financial growth on their investment returns. This is why New Capital Link is one of the most recognized and successful financial institutions in the world.

Who Gets Corporate LiveWire Global Awards

Corporate LiveWire monitors the potential of leading business entities and corporate professionals. Who has stood out from the crowd and has taken courageous efforts? To drive exceptional results in a unique, creative, and innovative manner, to drive result. Based on the type of service they provide and have taken an unconventional way to demonstrate and harness outstanding performance by enhancements in their business performance.
They also focus on implementing their ideas, knowledge, and skill sets. And To increase the effectiveness of their business processes and transform their industry by taking their game to a whole new level. And bring revolutionary progress within their respective industries.

Why NCL is The Alternative Investment Firm of the Year?

New Capital Link is a worldwide firm for investment opportunities, which provides very high returns and ensures that the risk involved for the investor is as low as possible. They are among the most trusted financial organizations in the world. They are experts when it comes to ISA-eligible bonds, incubation, Property bonds, Gold bonds, Development Finance, IPOs, EIS opportunities, and Green & Ethical Investments.

by Rachel Buscall

by Rachel Buscall

Co-Founder & Managing Director at New Capital Link. Having started her career in the financial sector, Rachel demonstrated a natural flair for entrepreneurship.

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