Track Record

We have a track record of
under-promising & over-delivering.

Track Record

We are pleased to confirm that our working partners have successfully exited clients on time with fixed returns for our Gold Bond and several Property Bond positions. We have continued to take major steps forward in uniting developers and private investors for potential JV opportunities and bespoke funding deals which is a part of the company we passionately believe in expanding due to high demand from UHNW & Institutional investors. NCL is a leading hedge fund manager with a proven track record of success that has made us one of the most trusted names in the business. Our focus on absolute returns, uncorrelated strategies, and proprietary market edge have enabled us to consistently outperform both our benchmark and peers.

It has been providing a safe, stable, and rewarding investment platform for our investors. Our focus is on creating value. We do this by looking at opportunities that have the potential to increase in value over an agreed period of time. We help our clients achieve their financial goals by offering bankable projects with a high return on investment (ROI) or low-risk high returns with steady cash-flow.

Track Records of Some of Our Partners
Loan Note 2017: £5m raised - paid out £500,000
Loan Note: 2018: £7.5m raised - paid out £750,000
Loan Note 2019: £10m raised - paid out £1m
Loan Note 2020: £15m raised - pays out from August 2022
Total Historical Senior £ 327,409,596.71
Total Historical Mezzanine/Equity £ 66,713,986.00
Total Fees In paid £ 4,173,115.79 T
Total Fees out paid £ 6,336,466.31 T
Total Interest paid £ 66,741,605.35
Acorn - Historical Debt Schedule
ACORN - Track Record
Devon Street, Liverpool - Autumn 2019
North John Street, Liverpool - February 2019
Tabley Street, Liverpool - Winter 2020
Hamilton Square, Wirral - August 2016
Flewitt House, Nottingham - September 2016
Acorn - Historical Debt Schedule
ACORN - Track Record
The Richmond – August 2017
St Andrews Church, Liverpool – April 2017
Ridgemere - Track Record

79th Group

Please see letter from 79th Group solicitors (Weightmans LLP), confirming the repayment of over £900,000 capital + interest from their first investment offering in 2018. Weightmans LLP - Confirmation Letter

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