A Deep Insight About Investing In IPOs


IPOs or initial public offerings are a great chance for money to be made. To get participated in IPOs a person needs to find a company that is about to go public and this is carried out by filling in the necessary documents. For taking part in an IPO the investors must get themselves registered with a brokerage firm. Whenever any company issues its IPO, they notify all the brokerage firms and those brokerage firms notify the investors. Some of the brokerage firms specify only those investors with at least a certain amount of money in their brokerage accounts or having a specific number of transactions for participating in IPOs. Investing in an IPO can make you rich but you have to do thorough research and analysis before investing to avoid the risks of losing money by falling into the traps and lure of speculative gains.

Why Should You Invest In IPOs

Investing in IPOs can get you very little space in a company with a very high growth potential of entering into it as a partner or a stakeholder. IPOs can be a window to change your luck and make a fortune by making a fast profit in a very short duration. In the long run, it will help you become financially independent to a certain level by making you grow your wealth exponentially and in the long run of course. Take an instance that you wish to invest in a young company or a new start-up business, as they grow your money stake diluted within it grows, and as a result of growing your part of your wealth with such growth, you can become a big stakeholder or partner if you wish to be, that itself describes the potential of IPOs.

What Are IPOs

IPO is the short abbreviation for initial public offering. In an IPO, the shares of any company are sold to institutional and retail investors. IPOs are underwritten by investment banks and these investment banks also arrange for the shares to be listed on the stock exchange platforms. An IPO is a method by which private companies can become public by selling their stocks for the general public to buy. IPOs need a huge amount of due diligence, marketing, and regulatory requirements. For buying the shares of a company in an IPO, you have to bid for those shares. If the bid gets accepted, then the shares are allotted to you. And If in case it happens that the shares are not allotted due to oversubscription, the money you invested will be returned to you for sure.

What Makes The IPOs A Good Investment

The share market is a very volatile segment and can help you in creating wealth in the long run if you can find out the most valuable stocks at the right time to purchase them at affordable prices. That is why you must always research some information regarding which are the best-performing companies in terms of profits. In this scenario, IPOs can be a great window for the creation of wealth if you pick up high-quality IPO stocks and start investing at competitive prices. In this way, you will get the benefits of stock appreciation in the future. IPO investments are equity investments and that’s why they have that kind of potential for bringing great returns on investment in the long term.

How IPO Works

For buying shares of any company which has issued its IPO, you will have to bid for such shares. In the usual condition of the business, a company can raise funds by issue of debts and equity. If in case a company never issued any equity to the public and is doing it for the first time then it is called IPO, that is why it is called an initial public offering. When the IPO closes the investors wait for assessing the demand and the corresponding price of the stock. When a company launches a fixed-priced issue, then the investors will have to make a complete payment of shares applied at the time of application submission. An IPO is locked up for a period of typically 90 to 18 days. After the IPO.

Advantages Of IPOs

There are a lot of benefits to investing in IPOs. Here are some of them:
1. By investing in IPOs, you can get your money on the action very early. Investing in IPOs might be the right window for increasing your profits rapidly, within a very short period.
2. You can meet your long-term financial goals by investing in IPOs. The IPO investments are equity investments, that’s why they have the right potential for bringing a very higher rate of returns in the long run.
3. The retail investment into IPOs is routed with the ASBA route. Thus, the IPOs also function economically under the ASBA rule.
4. IPOs are a great way to raise funds and raise a huge amount of capital by reaching out to a large number of individuals who can be potential investors at the same time.
5. With IPOs, there is a great advantage of liquidity. This liquidity is for all the stakeholders including the promoters, the general public, and the shareholders.]
6. The IPO launch covers another advantage which is the improvement of finances. IPOs cover a lot of benefits for the overall finances of a company as well as the shareholders in many ways.
7. IPOs offer increased visibility. As the reach of an IPO is very widespread, which is the whole country at a single time, it also contributes to marketing as issuing IPOs makes the general public aware of the new company in the market.
8. Another advantage of IPO is employee retention. This advantage is a very underrated advantage of IPOs but a very important aspect for the companies as well as their human resource.

Types Of IPO Issues

The companies get a boost in funding whenever people start buying their IPOs. There are two basic different types of IPOs, fixed price issues, and book-building issues. An IPO can be done by both processes. They’re explained here:

Fixed Price Issue

In fixed-price IPO issues, the price of the offerings is evaluated through the company by its underwriters, who evaluate the assets, liabilities, and all other financial aspects of the company. After such evaluation, they work on these figures to fix a price for the offerings they provide. The price is fixed when all the qualitative and quantitative factors are considered. In fixed-price IPO issues. The price which is fixed might be undervalued at the time of the company’s initial public offerings. Mostly, the price is seen to be lower than the market value. Due to this reason. Investors are always showing huge interest in the fixed price IPO issues. And as a result, the revaluation of the company ultimately.

Book Binding Issues

The book-binding IPO issues are a new concept in some countries. When compared to the most developed countries of the world. In the book binding IPO issues, there is nothing like a fixed price. But of course, has a price range or band. The lowest possible price margin is known as the floor price. And the highest possible price margin is known as the cap price. Anyone who wants to invest can bid for such shares at the desired prices. They would like to pay for it. Therefore, the price of stocks is fixed after the evaluation of the bidding process. As the book is built the demand after every share is known.

Final Words

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by Rachel Buscall

by Rachel Buscall

Co-Founder & Managing Director at New Capital Link. Having started her career in the financial sector, Rachel demonstrated a natural flair for entrepreneurship.

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