The four tenets of effective investment

Advice on how to invest profitably abounds. These four principles described below concentrate on the things investors can control, despite the fact that they cannot dependably foresee or even influence market moves.

  • Set specific objectives

Thinking about your objective should be the first step in any investing journey. You could be saving for retirement or putting money toward a home purchase.  Consider the timing and method of achieving this objective, your current savings, and the portion of your monthly income that you can set aside specifically for it. When markets are briefly in upheaval, having clear goals will help you stay focused.

  •  Remain steady

The goal of investing is to make money. However, every possibility for a return has a comparable amount of risk. Consider your level of comfort with investing risk. Naturally, the values of stocks and bonds vary, with certain asset classes having higher volatility levels than others. You’ll need to choose for yourself: How much volatility can you endure without losing sleep? Since more risk often entails larger return chances. Finding a balance between shares (greater return opportunities, higher risks) and bonds (lower return opportunities, lower risks) that matches you will help you control the volatility of your entire portfolio.

Always make sure your assets are diversified, regardless of whether your portfolio has a stronger lean toward shares or bonds. Instead of buying individual shares or bonds, spread your money among hundreds of different businesses to lower your overall investment risk and increase your chances of success. With funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which track an index but are exchanged like shares, it is simple.

  •  Maintain low cost

  You could believe that spending more money would get you greater quality. With certain things, that could occasionally be the case, but not with investing. Your returns are sacrificed for every pound you pay in fees. Keep your expenditures down and double-check what you’re spending. This effect may build-up, especially if you’re investing for the long run. The graph below demonstrates how even a little change in prices may result in thousands of pounds in lost profits over the course of 30 years.

  •  Remain committed and disciplined

  Only if you stay with them will a sound strategy and an inexpensive, well-balanced portfolio reach their full potential. It might be challenging to resist the urge to respond to market fluctuations. This is especially true if you read the financial sections of newspapers where investors are urged to act by experts. When markets are rising, everyone wants a piece of the action, and when fear reigns, some investors dump their holdings and run for the nearest exit. However, there is a considerable probability that they will be following market trends and purchasing or selling when prices are almost at their lowest. Staying the course will frequently provide you with the best chance of financial success because even seasoned investors can’t consistently predict the markets1.

When we believe something has gone wrong, it is in our instinct to act. We take our automobile to the shop to get it fixed if it breaks down. As a result, it might be easy when markets are sliding to assume something is amiss and feel pressured to take action. However, markets tumble often. It is completely acceptable and a key component of investment. Our research shows that keeping discipline, following the strategy, and adjusting your portfolio are effective strategies. Losing money on paper is never pleasant, but it happens to all long-term investors eventually.

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by Rachel Buscall

by Rachel Buscall

Co-Founder & Managing Director at New Capital Link. Having started her career in the financial sector, Rachel demonstrated a natural flair for entrepreneurship.

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