Kyle Reid

Junior Private Account Manager

Kyle started his career in a busy sushi bar in Essex, creating and making all forms of Japanese cuisine, here he learned the benefit of working as a team and embraced his inherent attention to detail and desire for perfectionism.

After 3 years Kyle’s ambitions grew with a desire to help others, and he joined the specialist recruitment agency REED. After helping hundreds of people and honing his managerial and communication skills, he followed his passions for healthy food and lifestyle by joining The Professional Nursery Kitchen, helping the company approach over 6’000 Nurseries throughout Essex and its surrounding areas, spreading awareness of the importance of healthy eating for both children and adults.

Kyle then secured a position in Noble Recruiting where he managed multiple master vendor accounts in both the private and public sectors where he accrued several accolades and experienced much success. Although recruitment was always close to his heart, the ability to assist others was Kyle’s overriding passion which inevitably lead him into entering the world of finance as a trusted Private Account Manager at New Capital Link.

It was not an easy path, involving much external training, long nights, and unbounded dedication but he soon elevated himself to being the youngest Account Manager in the company.

Marketing Director

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