Arthur Burnham

Junior Account Manager

Arthur started his career off as a plumbing and heating engineer as he left school with ATR PLUMBING, He was swiftly able to get a foothold in the industry and began developing his skills to be able to land himself full-time employment with the firm. The run with the heating industry evidently lasted around two years working hard with different projects and customers. however, Arthur didn’t look to pursue the industry and looked into other opportunities for employment.

This landed Arthur into his second career path working as a financial marketer in the investment world with Maine Capital and Whisky Scotland, something he had always strived to accomplish. Arthur began this career working as a junior account manager and worked tirelessly to provide an exemplary level of service to his clients. maintaining and improving relationships for future business opportunities, and fostering cooperative and positive communications with clients for project success.

This allowed Arthur to rise through the ranks and got the chance to spend time working in different parts of the world including Dubai to meet and develop skills with leaders in the industry to maintain performance.

Following this, Arthur looked to expand and join a larger company New Capital Link. This step was taken to help further his skills and broaden opportunities where he is currently employed.

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