Nextgen Share Holder Update

Dear Valued Shareholders,

I am thrilled to provide this update on NexGen Cloud’s remarkable transformation and growth trajectory. Over the past year, we have made tremendous strides across all fronts – financial, technological and strategic – bolstering our position as an emerging leader in AI infrastructure solutions.

Exponential Revenue Growth

Nextgen’s top-line growth in 2022 has been phenomenal, with revenue exceeding £30 million year-to-date already. This represents a nearly 10x jump compared to last fiscal, driven by strong uptake of our new GPU systems and cloud platforms.

Their flagship offerings – Hyperstack and Infrahub – are witnessing surging demand as more enterprises embrace AI/ML technologies. The successful launch of these cutting-edge platforms has led to a significant boost in both direct sales and recurring cloud revenue.

Funding Momentum

On the funding front, Nextgen recently concluded a Pre-Series A round, securing £10 million from marquee investors at a pre-money valuation of £150 million. They are now actively planning for a potentially mammoth Series A fundraiser in early 2024.

Given their remarkable growth and execution over the past year, they are targeting to raise £170-260 million in Series A, which would mark a significant step up from our last round. The new funds will provide us with growth capital to continue scaling globally and cement our leadership in GPU cloud solutions.

Pioneering GPU Supercloud

In a global first, NexGen Cloud is gearing up to launch a state-of-the-art GPU supercomputing cluster valued at over £260 million. Powered by 640 NVIDIA HGX H100 systems, our upcoming Norway facility will be one of the world’s most advanced AI-focused cloud infrastructures.

This prestigious project will offer unrivalled scale, performance and flexibility for tackling the most demanding AI workloads. It will cement our reputation for pioneering innovation among customers and partners alike.

Strategic Partnerships

We have recently attained Elite Partner status with NVIDIA, opening up new collaboration opportunities. We are working closely with NVIDIA across multiple domains including product development, go-to-market initiatives and entry into new customer segments.

Furthermore, we are now playing an integral role in NVIDIA’s Inception and VC Alliance programs. This provides us access to thousands of high-potential AI startups and leading venture funds across the globe, significantly expanding our addressable market.

Growth Vision

As we enter the next phase of hyper-growth, our overarching vision is to surpass £850 million in revenue over the next 18 months. Our pioneering Supercloud projects also have the potential to drive an additional £850 million in global sales.

I want to thank all our shareholders for your unwavering support. Rest assured, we are committed to creating exponential value for you as NexGen Cloud charges ahead with new innovations and record-breaking growth.

New Capital Link – Unlocking Exponential Value

New Capital Link is a London-based alternative investment firm focused on high-growth companies and emerging technology leaders. With deep expertise across venture capital, private equity, and M&A landscapes, New Capital Link has helped its portfolio of innovators raise over £500 million in growth funding to date.

As NexGen Cloud charts its trajectory to become a dominant force in AI infrastructure, New Capital Link believes it to be an ideal candidate for its portfolio of exponential growth companies.

New Capital Link is currently undertaking in-depth due diligence on an early-stage private investment into NexGen Cloud. Given the incredible progress demonstrated by the company over the past year, New Capital Link considers NexGen Cloud to be a multi-bagger investment opportunity over the next 3-5 years.

By securing stakes in NexGen Cloud at this opportune time, New Capital Link and its investor network stand to generate outsized returns as the company inches closer to a major liquidity event in the coming years.

For investors interested in pre-IPO opportunities in NexGen Cloud, the New Capital Link team is happy to set up a discussion regarding their up-and-coming funding round. Please reach out to or call 0207 769 6888 to schedule an exploratory session.

by Rachel Buscall

by Rachel Buscall

Co-Founder & Managing Director at New Capital Link. Having started her career in the financial sector, Rachel demonstrated a natural flair for entrepreneurship.

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