Luke Smith

Director of Operations

Luke started his career working at his IFA father’s office learning the operations of the company from the ground up, however his passion for food and attention to detail forced him to pursue his love of cooking, with the dream of eventually becoming a restaurateur, he quickly progressed to the role of head chef in some high-class establishments in and around Essex.

Following a slight twist of fate, Luke then moved on to pursue his love of construction, his desire to build saw him become a project manager for CFM, a national construction and facilities maintenance company, where he enjoyed a wide range of experiences and responsibilities, liaising directly with clients, personally running major refurbishments and projects as well as maintaining some of the most prestigious buildings in London. He was also responsible for the inception and management of a national network of sub-contractors to cater for his various clients’ increasing requirements.

Luke has always followed his passions, but has always aligned himself with, and continues to work closely with his father and mentor, who was once ranked as one of the top IFAs in the Globe and today manages and constructs investment products for some of the world’s leading investment companies. As well as managing his own £50,000,000 market-linked deposit fund which provided fixed returns of 15% last year alone.

Luke’s talent for recognising opportunities in the property market continued to develop and he soon achieved market-beating returns for his clients for over 3 years with a large boutique investment group before being headhunted by New Capital Link. His ability to conceive and execute proposals transparently with precision has seen him quickly establish himself as Operations Director where he soon identified opportunities in both the equities and commodities markets, helping NCL to expand at an ever more bullish pace.

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